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What is Health Canada?s National Projects Fund?

NPFThe CAPC/CPNP National Projects Fund (NPF) was created to provide financial assistance to initiatives that support the objectives of the CAPC and CPNP programs and directly benefit CAPC and CPNP projects across Canada. The NPF objectives are:

  • To support and strengthen CAPC/CPNP projects through training on specific issues, resource development and information sharing and dissemination;
  • To encourage and stimulate the development of a national network of community based children's programs; and
  • To share the knowledge base from CAPC and CPNP learning among CAPC and CPNP projects and with communities (including other children's services, researchers, educators and policy makers).

For more information please contact:

Health Promotion and Programs Branch
Health Canada
Jeanne Mance Building, AL: 1909C2
Tunney's Pasture
Ottawa, ON K1A 1B4
Tel: (613) 957-3955
Email: [email protected]

Internet: www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hppb/childhood-youth

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