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What is the Parkdale Parents’ Primary Prevention Project?

PPPPP LogoThe Parkdale Parents’ Primary Prevention Project (PPPPP) was conceived in 1991, as a pilot project to work towards reaching and providing for the distinct needs of multi-stressed pregnant women and families with young children living in the community of Parkdale. Together in partnership, St. Joseph’s Women’s Health Centre, The Toronto Department of Public Health, Creating Together Parent-Child Resource Centre, The Daily Bread Food Bank and Parkdale Focus Mom’s Support Program developed comprehensive health and social support programs recognizing the distinct community and individual needs within the context of their cultural, linguistic and racial diversities.

The program’s goal is to increase participants’ access to resources, including peers and a multi-disciplinary support team. The design and implementation of comprehensive services address the broad determinants of health for both children and their families. These programs include, Prenatal Nutrition and Support Drop-in, Mother-Baby Drop-in, Parent Relief, Parent Education Workshops and Information Sessions, Child Stimulation and School Readiness Programs, Community Development Activities and Short-term Child Care so that parents can access individual counselling, health care and social support services.

Working from an ecological perspective, the programs create an environment where pregnant women and new parents receive social and emotional support, together with practical information and educational opportunities in order to make and access healthier lifestyle choices and conditions. Together we address the larger scope of what affects a family’s healthy functioning. Flexibility is most essential, as most program participants report that they are struggling with multiple stressors in their lives. Staff begin where the parents and families are at, respond to the concerns that they identify and work together to address the interconnectedness of the issues facing the participant.

For women who have historically had barriers to accessing traditional services, ongoing access to a multi-disciplinary team of professional staff and volunteers ensures continuity of service, as well as referrals to appropriate health and social services, thereby helping them avoid ‘falling through the cracks’. By facilitating and encouraging mutual aid and support amongst participants, women have strengthened their own networks and have begun to build a more mutually supportive community.

It is through on-going assessment, communication, and evaluation, that the project continues to build upon community capacity. Reinforcing the view that the programs belong to the community, the project’s advisory panel composed of program participants, program and partner agency staff act as facilitators in maintaining a strong grass-roots commitment. The community must know that participant views and opinions are valued and acted upon. We have learned that this process takes time and requires a commitment from all those involved, working side-by-side and valuing the knowledge and experience each brings to the success of the project.

For more information, please contact:

Parkdale Parents’ Primary Prevention Project
St. Joseph’s Women’s Health Centre
30 The Queensway
Toronto, ON M6R 1B5
T: (416) 530-6318
F: (416) 530-6629
email: [email protected]

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