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What is CAPC?

CAPC LogoThe Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) is a program that provides long term funding to community groups to establish and deliver services that respond to the developmental needs of children from birth to age six years who are living in conditions of risk.

The specific target groups include:

  • children living in low-income families

  • children living in teenage-parent families

  • children experiencing developmental delays,

  • children with social, emotional or behavioral problems

  • abused and neglected children

  • people who have, or are likely to have, at risk young children

CAPC projects provide parents with the support, information and skills they need to raise their children. There are 474 CAPC projects across Canada delivering a total of 1,890 programs. Each week, over 69,000 parents and children participate in CAPC programs.

For more information, please visit Health Canada online.

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